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На какой модели Renault вы ездите ?
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Diesel Common Rail Injection Facts 1

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Diesel Common Rail Injection Facts 1https://twitter.com/#!/ADPEducationhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Automotive-Diagnostics-and-Publishing/366969848008Common Rail Diesel Injection video detailing the specifics of the system as a whole, including diesel pump, pressures, and type of injection pattern. Common rail Diesel fuel injection is now the state of the art in engine injection. The Bosch Piezoelectric (crystal) injector operates using a crystal stack, usually Quartz, that changes size when energized. The piezoelectric effect states that when a crystal such a Quarts is squeezed an electric current is generated. By the same token, when electricity is applied to the crystal is changes shape. This minute change in crystal size is used to trigger a small fuel chamber on and off. In turn, this chamber creates a pressure differential at the top of the injector which make it open and close. See further information here. Presented using advanced software CG animation technology to help you understand. Part of our Diesel and electronic series shown here on this channel. Enjoy...

Язык: English
Длительность материала: 00:03:53
Автор: ADPTraining
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